Country Classic

Designing your custom made kitchen is a matter of taste, trends, lifestyle and architecture in your house. A classic house deserves often a classic kitchen whereas modern appartments will often host a nice modern kitchen. Although this does not need to be like this in a more eclectic interior.

This means that within the main styles you can mix elements and style choices to a certain degree until we have the ultimate design especially for you.

De main styles are as following:

Urban Modern:

Modern gripless kitchens with sprayed fronts in a solid color or with oak fronts where you see the wood structure. Both materials can be combined into a gorgeous design.

Urban 30’s:

A combination between modern and classic. Those are more modern oriented outlook kitchens with simple paneldoors and no further decorative elements then plinths and simple moldings. Those kitchens blend in perfectly in 30’s style houses.
Chique Classic:
Classical kitchens with profiled panel doors and many decorative elements like crownlists, special moldings and profiled woodwork.

Country Classic:

Quite classical kitchens with panel doors with simple decorative elements. Those kitchens have country elements like lines in the backwall and nice country style profiled panels.

The finishing of the kitchen can handpainted or sprayed. Often handpainting the kitchen in a nice glossy or maybe extreme mat paint gives the extra touch in your country style kitchen. It gives a natural outlook.

The lay out of the kitchen, with a nice big country oven like Aga, Boretti, La Canche or Le Cornue as a focus point is important. Above such oven a huge range hood is often placed. This together with a nice kitchen island will create a large family room like living kitchen.

This kitchen should be the central point of the kitchen.
Of course the lay our of the country kitchen is entirely dependent on the size and the space. A country style kitchen fit the country houses or big spaces.

All modern day appliances will be integrated in the kitchen as you wish. Pull out units, LeMans, Peka corner systems and drawers in BLUM motion. All is possible.

The kitchen top is the finishing touch of the kitchen. Terrazzo, marble or granite (impala, nero angola , steel grey etc) will give this ultimate natural feeling. Grips, knobs and handles can be chosen from our pre-selection accordingly.



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