Kamer ensuites or room dividers are a perfect addition to your interior. To make and design a kamer ensuite you will split your living area. Loads of people think this means a loss in space and light. Nothing but the truth.

Kamer ensuite and space

The placement of kamer ensuite means that the proportions of the spaces are simply different. When you split the room in two your create more walls and from a long narrow looking space you create by means of kamer ensuite two more square spaces where the feeling of space is rather bigger then smaller with more logical senses.

Kamer En Suite – Room divider and light.

Designing a kamer ensuite takes away the light in the room.This is a often heard remark. Like with the spaces the opposite is the truth. An ensuite is placed in the middle, often the darkest space in the living room. The kamer ensuite is therefore placed at the darkest space in the room. After placement the light painted ensuite reflects the light from window or other light source in both new rooms therefore creating a lighter space. The light will still be transferred in the room as the opening still exists.

Kamer ensuite and style

Belle Epoque and 30’s ensuite

A room divider was classically placed in houses between 1900-1960. Typical style elements you will find in the belle epoque style. The belle epoque kamer ensuite will have decorative elements in the panels, frames, listst and architraves. The 30’s ensuite means that the frames, panels and profiles are a bit more straight. Oock is a specialist in copying the existing profiles in the house so that all architectural elements come back into the ensuite.

Modern kamer ensuite

More often we place modern models of ensuite. This means that next to the sliding doors there is a complete bookcase, just boxed in spaces in the wall or just a wall. This will give the house a modern look.


Our kamer ensuite solutions always come with sliding doors mounted on a top rail. The doors can be made with leaded or stained glass made to design. The divisions of the ensuite will be to your choice. We will make various designs for our clients. Also we propose if you have the space to create slanted side panels.

Material for the kamer ensuites

Oock always uses solid European hardwood for the ensuite. This is the only material that is durable and strong enough to carry the whole construction for a longe time or period.

Where do we place ensuites?

The kamer ensuite can be placed through the whole country. Most often we place kamer ensuite in De Bilt, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag.

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