Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are a perfect and nice functional part of the furniture and interior design in your house. Bathroom cabinets are designed and made in high quality and are truly custom made. The bathroom cabinet or bathroom furniture will be made in oak veneer, solid wood and will be finished in paint, varnish or oil. In our designs we will listen to your exact wishes and first of all we will make 3D designs of your project. The cabinets will have a countertop, this can be made in stone, corian, composite or granite. We can also integrate wooden tops in oak or other wood.

The sink can also be made in hardstone or the clients wishes to place separate sinks. In any case the bathroom fitted cabinets have to go with the rest of the interior design. We also take into consideration that we have to integrate drawers, sifonds, pipes etc in your designs.

Oock makes the 3D designs, produces and installs you perfect bathroom furniture. Oock also gives design advice and delivers accesoires as lights, lamps and mirrors. Oock also advices on how to finish the rest of the bathroom around tiling and plastering in concrete, mortex or betoncirree.

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