Project coordination

Oock is the specialist for coordination of your rebuilding or interior building project. We showed you all kinds of projects, architects, interior building and interior design projects. The common work here is a combination of designing in 3D, drawings in 2D, measuring in the projects, installation and production of the cabinets and kitchens.
Oock works a lot with 3rd parties and has a lot of experience with interior building and total renovations and rebuildings. Oock takes on the role as a project coordinator in those total projects if you wish.

The big advantage here is that style and design will be kept in line with the technical part of your rebuilding. Besides there is one central point of communication available for all parties. Oock will instruct third parties and will keep an eye on quality. This all results in a quality and top rebuilding.

All parts of your project can be combined in one clear project planning. For every part we will request separate offers so you have a clear view on your budget and you can compare all offers. Think about floors, constructors, roof work, plumbers, carpenters and architects.

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