Radiator Covers

Radiator covers are one of our most successful products. We make and design beautiful wooden covers for your heating.

The covers of the radiator have to be part of the existing wood and list work in the house and has to fit the total interior design. The air circulation will not be endangered as we use multiple openings; from the bottom side and top. We are using perforated steel plates in the panels in front of the radiator. The steel plates are finished in the color of the woodwork.

The covers can be hand painted or sprayed in any color. Furthermore they are constructed like our classic furniture and they are made in massive hardwood. Our carpenters will fit them exactly. Besides the covers are used like a window bench where you can place pillows and where you can sit down in the windows.

If necessary we break out the existing window seal and our bench is replacing the existing window seal. We will measure in all the benches exactly in your house.

During a visit to our shop in Amsterdam we will advise you personally on all the possibilities.

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