Custom made & Clear approach!

Oock serves you with a transparent and personal way of working. It all starts with an initial intake conversation with one of our designers. We explore all of your wishes concerning style, divisions and sizes of the bookcase, room divider or interior project. The best way to start is to stop by in our shop because in this way you can see our quality and you can view all the options and you meet us in person. View our possibilities and let us take a look on your wishes. Please take all your drawings of the house, measures and examples. For us this is very useful to serve you with the best advice possible.

1. Intake

In a first conversation we will explain you all the possibilities and we will explore your wishes.

2. Proposition
On this base you will receive an extensive price offer.

3. Design process
After your approval we will start designing your project. We will make drawings and designs of the bookcase, room divider, kitchen or interior. We will adapt the designs until they are exactly according to your wishes.

4. Measuring and last details
In the phase we will go through the last details like the color, the handles and all other wishes concerning your custom made project, bookcase or kitchen. In this phase we will also come to your home to measure in the whole project. After the approval we will make a contract after which everything will enter into the production.

5. Installation and delivery
After 4-6 weeks we will make an appointment to confirm the installation date. After approval our installation team will install your project in the best quality.

Usage of the best materials and the best techniques.

Oock works with the best and most lasting materials. Every bookcase or bookshelf is mostly made out of European hardwood. Hardwood that is also used for the shelves so that they can be fully loaded. Furthermore our bookcases are equipped with an adjustable shelf system. In this way you can adjust the shelves in a very practical way. This is called flexibility. Our products can be spray painted, manually painted or they can be oiled (oak wood). All in a color of choice.

Clear offers
By working with Oock you know exactly what is happening. This means a clear offer and an exact description of the project. Hence no suprises. After the intake and the description of your wishes the price offer will be sent to you within two days. This is an all-in price inclusive delivery and installation.

Complete and fast delivery
Craftmanship, fast delivery times, (4-6 weeks) and of course a full preparation we will try to disturb you as little as possible during the installation. The installation of the bookcase or room divider can be finished within two days.

Some examples of our choices and possibilities:
• Spray painted or hand painted
• Oak varnished or oiled
• With or without adjustable shelves
• Division and sizes
• Color
• Style: eg: thirties, modern or classic.
• A wide variety in coices concerning crownlists and doorprofiles.

Convince yourself! Stop by in our showroom and get inspired by all of our choices