Business Clients

Our custom made cabinets and furniture are perfect for the business clients. Think about archives, work and desk spaces, built in wardrobes and cabinets, tables and desks, reception desks and showcases. For the restaurant and bar businesses we produce bars, stools, tables bar interiors and the total interior.

Oock designs individual products and delivers and installs all products. Our focus is on quality in style. Our products are distinct because good and quality design. Quality has to be combined with functionality and practicality.

A big focus those days is on durable goods. We can design offices in cradle to cradle and according to BREEAM design demands. Therefore we can develop total offices and hotels within the environmental requests.

Design is done in house and the whole installation is carried out by OOCK. Everything is possible. Our built in and fitted wardrobes and cabinets are a perfect storage solution in your offices. Also we make beautiful and practical working and desk spaces. Besides reception desks and reception areas will be beautifully designed and decorated by the design team of OOCK. The result of using natural materials is amazing. Big sizes and high volumes are absolutely no problem.

An office or restaurant decorated by OOCK means practicality in style!

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