Custom made Kitchen

Oock designs, produces and delivers custom made kitchens. For the biggest part they are made in solid hardwood. The kitchens are made in a very high quality. There are no limitations in size and there are no standards.
Oock delivers multiple models or combines several models into one design. In general 4 models and styles are serving as a base point.

At first the choices concerning the style of the kitchen will be made. We design from classic till contemporary modern but we are always original. Oock makes sure that the personality and the style of the kitchen fits the wishes and the interior of the clients.

How does it work?

The whole process is easier then you think. During an extensive intake we will speak through your wishes. On this base we will make a price offer with a first top view of the kitchen. This comes together with a full description of the style and division of the kitchen. If the offer is approved we will measure the space and we will go through the final details. After this the true design phase will start in which we will finetune all the wishes. We will show you several atmosphere impressions and 3-D designs so that you will directly get a feeling with your kitchen. Again: we do not have any standard sizes so we can plot your kitchen in any space. We can achieve very high and wide kitchens. Next to all of this we really believe in the personal approach of the design of your custom made kitchen: together we will design your dream kitchen.

Kitchen appliances and equipments

Oock does not deliver appliances directly but we will make you an extensive plan and advise for this. After this the appliances will be ordered by the client or we will the appliances in name of the client directly at the suppliers. Oock will build in the appliances. If you wish to purchase your own equipments or you want to use your own equipments this is of course very possible. Next to the equipments Oock does work with the all the newest techniques concerning drawers and special pull out units. They will be integrated by us in your kitchen.

Planning and installation

Oock will make a clear planning of your project. Often electricity and plumbing needs to be taken care off during your project, this will have to be done by third parties. The kitchen will be placed by Oock.

Kitchen tops
Oock delivers massive tops in granite, terrazzo and composite. Those will be measured in after the placement of the base kitchen by means of a template. Delivery of the top will then take place after 4 weeks.

During a visit to our showroom we can advise you best in a personal conversation where we can show you all the possibilities.

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