Total projects

If you would like to realize a kitchen, wardrobe, bookshelves, room dividers in a house together or combine multiple projects we name it a total project. This has several advantages. The style of the furniture can be combined in all the projects. All colors, profiling and material choices will be equal. Besides there is much more efficiency in the coordination and installation of the project. There is economy of scale in buying materials and there is a single point of contact. Also in the design phase there is a good view on the total combination of products or projects.

More and more clients combine different products from our portfolio. A combination of a kamer ensuite with a custom made kitchen is often combined in the same style of wardrobes. Our role here as furniture and interior designer is great because Oock will keep the overview and will prepare and coordinate all styles and products. Also all preparation for our projects is done by Oock so mistakes with third parties are prevented.

Oock always advises to combine products in a rebuilding or interior project.


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